While lying in bed checking my twitter feed, to my surprise, I saw a tweet of a campaign ad video. The headline of the video said “Family that defends it honor.  The video seemed interesting, so I clicked on it. In the video were six siblings endorsing their brothers opponent. I watched it again and said to myself I do not remember seeing an ad this good. What I found fascinating about this advertisement, is how tastefully the video was created. The six siblings are all professionals. The video shows their names and titles. All the siblings believe their brother Paul Gosar who is an Arizona Congressman is not the person who was first elected. He needs an intervention. He is not the same person when he first elected.  Whoever came up with the idea to create this ad is a genius. Why not hit close to home? If your family members, let be specific “All your siblings” support your opponent that says a lot. There must be a little truth to what is being said.

I will stray a little here.  The Republicans hold most seats in senate and the house. Hopefully, it will no longer be this way come November.  I am guessing and I could be wrong that the democratic opponent who is running against Gosar need to thank “Citizens United” and the First Amendment regarding Free speech. What is Citizens United? Citizens United is a conservative non-profit group.  They created a film called “Hillary”. The Federal Election Commission prohibited them from airing the movie. Citizens United took their case against the FCC all the way to the Supreme Court arguing that their First Amendment right to free speech was being violated. They won their case.  The nature of how political campaigns operate changed forever. The number of Super PACs formed increased overnight. The ruling changed the way nonprofits support their political party and how much money corporations/ donors can contribute. It allowed corporations to pour billions of dollars towards Super-PACs to persuade the public whom to vote for. The amount of money donated to campaigns increased exponentially, advertisements against political opponents got more distasteful. It is funny how the conservatives aka republicans love to use the words god and church but their actions and what they say seems to reflect the personality of their devil.  

My point, is the adds and movies created since that ruling are some of the most distasteful ads to appear. Whether the adds are true they still air. The more money a Super PACs has the more advertisements he can create, which leads to more airtime. However, this advertisement has a lot to teach us. You need not play dirty to win people over. Quality always trumps quantity.  I hope based on the ad that Paul Gosar gets his intervention as one sibling said he needs. Maybe he needs to get back to his original profession i.e. fixing and cleaning teeth.


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