First Amendment @ The Border

image credit: The Washington Post Since the 2016 Presidential election there has particular political attention paid to the “border crisis.”  Depending on your political ideology, this term, “border crisis” means two different things. Conversation has turned into an outcry, on both sides.  The Trump administration has pushed for a literal “border wall”, increased security, harsher... Continue Reading →

Exceptions to the Rule

Chapter six of the book “Freedom for the Thought We Hate” by Anthony Lewis describes to what extent journalists are protected from having to name their sources before a grand jury.  Most conversation surrounding the first amendment pertains to who gets to talk about what in society. This chapter presented an interesting question about who... Continue Reading →

Who Can and Cannot Exist in Public?

The NPR notification read: “Showdown Over LGBTQ Employment Rights Hits Supreme Court.” I grabbed my headphones and committed to not going back to sleep, as one does after they involuntarily waking up at 5:05 am.   The piece from Morning Edition gives a breif rundown of the case at hand; today, October 8th, 2019, the United... Continue Reading →

STEM Major Takes A Humanities Course: A Hot Take

"—the freedom of Speech may be taken away—and, dumb & silent we may be led, like sheep, to the Slaughter."From George Washington to Officers of the Army, 15 March 1783 Soon after the Supreme Court decision of New York Times vs. Sullivan in 1964, Justice Brennan said,  “At the time of the First Amendment was... Continue Reading →

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