Just Fire Him

Yet again, Trump is threatening to fire someone in his cabinet. The victim this time is Inspector General Michael Atkinson. This is because Atkinson found the whistleblower complaint about Ukraine to be accurate. How prolific.  Queen Maggie Haberman writes that firing the Inspector General would be detrimental to Trump’s case. Similarly to the firing of... Continue Reading →

Improve, Not Move!: The New “Separate but Equal”

Image: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/12/us/howard-county-school-redistricting.html?smid=nytcore-ios-share A recent plan to desegregate schools in Columbia, Maryland, a suburb that prides itself on inclusion, has sparked heated debate and protests.  This article from the New York Times gave a lot of space for those against using bussing to integrate schools in Columbia to discuss their reasoning. The article provided instances of... Continue Reading →

The Small Donor Problem

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders has raised upwards of $10 million dollars a week after launching his presidential campaign. The average contribution of those donations were $27. Sanders is among many to vocally rebuke Super PAC money, he is one to consistently celebrate that much of his donations come from small donors. Services like Actblue, make... Continue Reading →

Pete Buttigieg’s “Straight-Passing” Privilege

Source: Forbes Magazine Many have questioned Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s qualifications to be the President of the United States, including some of his fellow Democratic candidates. I recently say a New York Times op-ed titled “Why Pete Buttigieg Annoys His Democratic Rivals” exploring how many find Buttigieg to be irritating and difficult to take seriously considering... Continue Reading →

Stuck In a Rut: The Protest Paradigm

The Black Lives Matter movement has been successful at drawing attention, albeit not necessarily good attention. A study done by Joy Leopold and Myrtle Bell looked at various mainstream newspapers to see how they covered BLM protests. Insert the protest paradigm.  To make their work easier and help push out articles faster, journalists classify articles... Continue Reading →

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