You need to give a sh*t

I'd like to start this post off with a challenge. Name a single pivotal moment in modern-history in which the media didn't play a role in. From murder trials, the only U.S. President to resign, and election coverage, our media is with us every step of the way. They not only report the happenings, but... Continue Reading →

I Wouldn’t Ride the T Either, Charlie.

"Governor Charlie Baker says he doesn’t need to ride the T. He’s wrong." Boston Globe 11/23/19  In my wild imagination, the headline “Governor Charlie Baker says he doesn’t need to ride the T” evokes the image of a nobleman being brought in a horse-drawn carriage while the rest of the people under his jurisdiction ride... Continue Reading →

What does Netanyahu’s Indictment Mean for Palestinians?

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of IsraelSource: ABC News Contemporary journalism often fails to lift up the voices and tell the stories of the individuals being impacted by large-scale political or economic situations. This past week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictment based on charges of bribery, breach of trust, and fraud received widespread mainstream media coverage.... Continue Reading →

Both Journalists & Literature Need More Frames.

In reviewing the literature on new coverage of environmental crises, one article posed the question on whether journalists should volunteer to help people experiencing natural disasters by doing activities, such as passing out water bottles. Another article mentioned that many journalists who covered 9/11 highlighted American values, such as strength, and showed support for the... Continue Reading →

Morality v. Objectivity: Humanity v. Journalism

Rachel Smolkin’s piece on the ethics of covering natural disasters was eye-opening to me. It featured the perspectives of many journalists who, while covering Hurricane Katrina, struggled to balance their morals with codes of journalistic practice.  Smolkin describes that a group of students was once asked whether they would interrupt their reporting of a story... Continue Reading →

War Coverage

Reading the articles about war and journalism this week, I am just so blown away by the fact that people would risk their lives in order to cover wars. That being said, I think it is so completely respectable and I can understand that they believe the public should see what's going on. Personally, I... Continue Reading →

Protestors Bodies Are Not Fair Use

Earlier this week, the New York Times published an article on student journalists facing backlash for publishing a photo of a student in distress during a protest against a Jeff Sessions giving a speech on campus. The student called the photo “trauma porn” and the student newspaper took the picture off of twitter and issued... Continue Reading →

American Media Need to Globalize

American nationalism has dictated the way Americans view the world for decades, and this nationalism is reflected in our media. Americans are infamous for our lack of global knowledge and understanding, and this sheltered viewpoint is exacerbated by the way American media outlets cover international topics. Foreign topics are rarely covered in American media unless... Continue Reading →

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