Endangered Animals More at Risk from Climate Change

You know that global warming idea that has been proven by science but the Trump Administration refuses to acknowledge it? Yeah, that one. You got it.

Because of climate change, things aren’t looking too hot – please not the irony – for endangered species. 99.8% of endangered species are having a hard time adapting to climate change. I mean it’s sort of hard to when this year has been recorded as the Earth’s second hottest year.

Since America is now in the action of leaving the Paris Climate Agreement, what is to be said about us – let alone all of these animals? But I guess it’s not like humans are the ones that created climate change.. oh wait. We did. And we, Americans, have the resources to help stop it.

A study found that federal agencies only consider 64% of endangered species as being threatened by climate change. There are protection plans for only 18% of these animals.

What happens when all of our water is toxic? Our seas and our rains – the water that is taken up by plants and eaten by animals and humans. We consume the animals that consume the plants that consume this toxicity. We are doing this to ourselves.

We need a plan and we need to start ASAP. David Attenborough, natural historian, says that it is not too late for the United States to backtrack its pulling out of the Paris Agreement. We just need a new president to come in and change things before all of the paperwork is finished.

It can be done. We can still stop this. But it will not come if we do nothing. Actions have to be made and we need to do them as a whole – as a country.


2 thoughts on “Endangered Animals More at Risk from Climate Change

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  1. Interesting post, Megan. I never thought about the affect on animals, and it was especially shocking to think about eating plants and animals that have toxicity in them from the water. I agree that people need to be more aware about this and the president needs to acknowledge this in order for change to happen.


  2. I think that the way journalists have covered climate change in the past has enabled the Trump administration to make decisions that will perpetuate it. The need for “balanced” journalism has turned a scientifically proven phenomenon into a political debate. Had the news people consumed throughout the past few decades given more context to the facts behind climate change, there’s a good chance we wouldn’t be in this position today. Because people didn’t want to believe that our entire society would have to completely change our way of life in order to prevent the planet becoming completely uninhabitable, many were comforted by the voices journalists included of those who did not believe in climate change.


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