Just Ignore the First Amendment

It is no secret that President Trump advertises a strong dislike of the media, left-wing news outlets, and sadly, for the First Amendment. In recent interviews and press pop-ups, Trump can be seen demanding journalists keep quiet and telling them that they have no right to ask him questions . Now, he has every right to refuse the journalists an answer. However, he has no right to silence them from asking.

Just like week, Trump went as far as to suggest the barring of journalists from the White House lawn where journalists have been known to exercise their right to free speech. He has even been recorded numerous times telling journalists to “shut up.” In what democracy should a public citizen be told to shut up and be quiet when exercising their right to question the government? Journalists, citizens just like ourselves, should have that right to question the government, to question the President of the United States, and to communicate those answers to the public. With the right to free speech comes the protection of using that free speech. The president nor any other government official has the right to condemn or punish one for speaking out in ways that do not pose threat or danger. Trump’s lack of etiquette and respect in calling journalists “stupid” or “terrible people,” seems to me like a punishment for exercising a right.

It’s sad but true that the President of the United States does not have a clear handle or understanding of the laws from which he should be governing. It’s almost as if he wants to forget the First Amendment even exists. Banning a journalist from gaining coverage of an event because they exercised a right is ridiculous. The country needs to come to grips with the laws and their interpretations.



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