The Fault in Our Political Climate

I’m confident that if Richard Nixon was alive right now, he’d be green with envy. It only took one scandal for Congress to bring him down, whereas Donald Trump has been dodging accusations of illegal activities since before his election. I mean, it’s absurd that the president is still in office. He makes Nixon look... Continue Reading →

Democratic Debate Priority: Ellen Degeneres

The final question of the democratic debate: “Tell us about a friendship you’ve had that would surprise us.”  I’m sorry… What?  I cannot fathom why the moderators chose to ask that question, which had to do with the recent controversy surrounding Ellen Degeneres’s friendship with George Bush. Over the course of the three-hour-long debate, they... Continue Reading →

Freedom of (lack of) Speech

On Monday, the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case regarding the right of Christian, non profit, “crisis pregnancy centers” (you know, the ones that masquerade as legitimate medical facilities, and pressure vulnerable women into carrying unwanted pregnancies to term), and their First Amendment rights. These organizations, represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom argue that... Continue Reading →

Reporter’s (Lack of) Privilege

Legally, lawyers are not forced to disclose incriminating information about their clients. This goes for doctors as well. These rights are granted to individuals with these careers so that the law does not interfere with their ability to carry out their job. One would think that journalists may be granted a similar right, so that... Continue Reading →

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