Got Leaks?

Journalists have to go through a lot to protect their sources. It was fascinating to read about just a few of the things they do in chapter 7 of Journalism After Snowden. For one thing. The author said that it took him a while to learn about encrypted messages, and he would have to go... Continue Reading →

Hate Speech in the Trump Era

I found this reading on the topic of hate speech to be incredibly interesting. At the beginning of this course, we were asked to write our thoughts on what we know about the First Amendment, as well as what we think should and should not be protected. I stated that the First Amendment should protect... Continue Reading →

Speech turned Violent at UCONN

Just the other day, the College Republicans at the University of Connecticut invited the White House Correspondent for the right-wing Gateway Pundit website, Lucian Wintrich to speak. His speech was titled, “It’s OK to be white”.  100 people attended, many of whom shouted “Go, home, Nazi” over him as he tried to speak. I definitely... Continue Reading →

The Results are in!

As election day draws to a close and the results are coming out, I am beginning to reflect on what a crazy election season it has been. As an intern for the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus, I have been on my toes all semester. Walking for miles around the state, knocking on hundreds doors and... Continue Reading →


Surprise, surprise, President Trump took to Twitter to express his thoughts. But I mean, how else would be know what the ‘real’ news is, right? This time, Trump seems to think that the Russia investigation is a hoax by the Democrats, because they are still mad about Clinton's loss.  He went on a complete tirade,... Continue Reading →

New Details on Sandy Hook Shooter

I recently read an article from CNN, the FBI published a new report, regarding Sandy Hook Shooter, Adam Lanza. These documents are said to “paint a disturbing portrait” of him For some context if you don't know, on December 14th, 2012, using a Bushmaster Model XM15-E2S rifle a 12 gauge semi-automatic rifle, Adam Lanza stormed into... Continue Reading →

The Media should be ashamed! Very, Very bad.

I recently read an article in which the chairman of Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Aijt Pai, was under pressure to comment on President Trump’s threats against NBC. Trump tweeted, “With all the fake news coming out of NBC and the networks at what point is it appropriate to challenge their license?” Claiming that news networks... Continue Reading →

Privacy For All?

This chapter made me think a lot about celebrities and their privacy rights. Specifically, in regard to the case Lewis discussed in chapter four of Freedom for the Thought that We Hate. This 1937 case is Sidis v. F-R Publishing Corporation, William Sidis was a child genius, who was “mentally force fed” by his father.... Continue Reading →

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