Speech turned Violent at UCONN

Just the other day, the College Republicans at the University of Connecticut invited the White House Correspondent for the right-wing Gateway Pundit website, Lucian Wintrich to speak. His speech was titled, “It’s OK to be white”.  100 people attended, many of whom shouted “Go, home, Nazi” over him as he tried to speak.

I definitely do support Lucian’s right to free speech. However, what I don’t support is what he did a little later into the speech. A girl, presumably a UCONN student, approached his podium, and grabbed a paper off, I am guessing it was his speech. However, as she walked away, he quickly followed her and grabbed her backpack aggressively. That was completely inappropriate of him and he was thankfully arrested at the scene. He was charged with a misdemeanor breach of peace.

What I find most ironic is that he later tweeted, “It’s really unfortunate that some of the kids at UCONN felt the need to be violent and disruptive during a speech that focused on how the leftist media is turning Americans against each other” Okay, 1. What does a speech called “It’s OK to be white” have anything to do with leftist media? And 2. Weren’t you the one who was violent too, Lucian? I recall seeing the video of the girl calmly taking your paper, and the you attacked her? He is definitely confused on what happened I guess.

A university spokesman at UCONN said they are still investigating the incident, to make sure there are no other arrests are to be warranted. Police say a student was arrested for allegedly breaking a window and another threw a smoke bomb inside the building as the crowd was leaving. Yes, he is right that it’s unfortunate violent actions took place; however, they were perpetrated by him too. Did sitting in jail not make him realize that?

Wintrich wants to seek legal action against the University and the girl who “stole his property”, but I feel like that girl could come right back and take legal action against him for assaulting her. The free speech issue at hand here is that students tried to censor him by taking down fliers before the event. According to UCONN’s guidelines, any group can reserve space for a speaker, as long as it adheres the universities guidelines. I would like to know what those guidelines are.

Regardless, Wintrich initial plans were approved by the university, and free speech on college campuses seems to be a driving force for protests and violence.


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  1. It seems to me, everyone behaved badly. Clearly, Wintrich is a provocateur and is apparently effective at it (his bow tie alone is an assault on fashion). The students in the audience yelling over him were playing into his agenda. Certainly, the young woman who took his speaking notes from the podium was also behaving badly and providing him the opportunity to make his point about the left’s unwillingness to support free speech. If I had my way, they would all be sent to bed without supper with the admonition to come out of their rooms when they thought they could behave…..


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