Protecting Whistleblowers

An informed public is a part of the foundation of a functioning democracy. Confidentiality plays a significant role in helping the press inform the public of government conduct. Confidential sources have led to the publication of seminal news stories, significantly impacting the public’s participation in our democracy. For example, journalists have relied on confidential sources... Continue Reading →

Live from New York

Last week Saturday Night Live aired the second episode of its 44th season, hosted by Aquafina. The show thoroughly covered Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation. They began with a cold open featuring GOP senators celebrating in a locker room. “Everyone is pumped, from white men over 60 to white men over 70,” said Beck Bennett... Continue Reading →

Right to Criticize

Access to truthful information allows people to be active participants in our democracy. Freedom of the press plays a crucial role in this process. This includes the right to criticize government officials and public figures.   In Freedom for the Though That We Hate, author Anthony Lewis describes cases that have had a lasting impact... Continue Reading →

Enemy of the Public

The First Amendment protects freedom of speech and freedom of the press, among other rights. These rights have been points of debate in the current administration. The Trump administration has unclear and contradicting stances on protecting First Amendment rights. Last week Education Secretary Betsy DeVos gave a speech at Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center, for Constitution... Continue Reading →

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