Right to Criticize

Access to truthful information allows people to be active participants in our democracy. Freedom of the press plays a crucial role in this process. This includes the right to criticize government officials and public figures.   In Freedom for the Though That We Hate, author Anthony Lewis describes cases that have had a lasting impact... Continue Reading →

Screaming in a Soundproof Society

It’s 2018. We have Donald Trump in the highest office of power in this country, a man who has a myriad of sexual misconduct allegations against him. His behavior, excused by his voter and congressional base as false allegations and empty words, did not stop him from assuming the role of President of the United States. Through... Continue Reading →


  While lying in bed checking my twitter feed, to my surprise, I saw a tweet of a campaign ad video. The headline of the video said “Family that defends it honor.  The video seemed interesting, so I clicked on it. In the video were six siblings endorsing their brothers opponent. I watched it again... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Touch This &*$%!

When it comes to porn and vulgarities, the large majority of our society is used to seeing tumultuous conduct widespread throughout the internet, TV and in publications. Even when you aren’t expecting it, it appears. Culture has made us immune to a flash of boobs, a love scene or a well-screamed “fuck” within parameters. While... Continue Reading →

Justice for the Obscenity That We Hate

There’s been a great debate for decades over what The Constitution’s distinguished First Amendment protects. Sure, you have your freedoms: freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and of course the freedom to redress grievances with the government. But, what about the freedom of expression? In February of 1971, the Supreme Court convicted Paul Robert Cohen... Continue Reading →

Enemy of the Public

The First Amendment protects freedom of speech and freedom of the press, among other rights. These rights have been points of debate in the current administration. The Trump administration has unclear and contradicting stances on protecting First Amendment rights. Last week Education Secretary Betsy DeVos gave a speech at Philadelphia’s National Constitution Center, for Constitution... Continue Reading →

Can the Supreme Court Draw the Line on Obscenity?

The question of drawing the line between protecting American citizens’ rights to free speech as granted to them by the First Amendment, and protecting them from being unwillingly exposed to pornographic or otherwise obscene content, has historically proved difficult for judges and politicians. Chapter 8 of Anthony Lewis’ Freedom for the Thought That We Hate... Continue Reading →

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