We need whistleblowers in our hospitals too

Brace yourselves, this is actually a First Amendment news story that restores a little faith in humanity! According to a New Hampshire newspaper, a former spinal cord specialist and whistleblower at the Manchester VA Medical Center has just been awarded the 17th Annual Nackey S. Loeb First Amendment Award. The award was "established to honor... Continue Reading →

Are leakers different from whistleblowers?

This week's reading material covered an important (and extremely relevant) topic: whistleblowers, leakers, and more specifically––the differences between them. While both whistleblowers and leakers are similarly motivated to hold institutions accountable for their actions, the way they're portrayed throughout media and treated by society, varies unfairly. What separates a whistleblower from a leaker? According to... Continue Reading →

NBA free speech: 1, China: 0

China’s biggest national TV station, CCTV, refused to air an NBA preseason game between the Houston Rockets and the Toronto Raptors on Thursday. According to Time magazine, the Chinese backlash comes after the Rockets general manager, Daryl Morey tweeted “Fight for Freedom, Stand with Hong Kong,” on October 8. Now if you haven’t been keeping... Continue Reading →

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