Just Fire Him

Yet again, Trump is threatening to fire someone in his cabinet. The victim this time is Inspector General Michael Atkinson. This is because Atkinson found the whistleblower complaint about Ukraine to be accurate.

How prolific. 

Queen Maggie Haberman writes that firing the Inspector General would be detrimental to Trump’s case. Similarly to the firing of James Comey and the threat to Mueller, it would look horrible if Trump fired Atkinson. It would be like a submission of guilt. 

Staffers have learned to semi-ignore Trump’s firing rants and only take them seriously when he repeats the sentiment often. Basically they’re just doing the very least to keep everything together and I don’t blame them.

Trump should only fire a I.G. if there is misconduct or failure to do their job. His job is to follow the truth which most definitely is not what Atkinson is doing.

He also has piercing blue eyes which are creepy and lizard-like.

So I say–go for it! Donny follow your dreams. Atkinson was disloyal and he deserves to be punished. He didn’t follow the truth everything is a lie even though we’ve all read the phone call. It’ll be totally fine I promise that it won’t look bad. The people will love it. 

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