A Call to Remain Consistent


President Trump contradicts himself tremendously. A recent article by the Washington Post, describes the ongoing battle between Trump and the NFL. After the NFL decided that players are not entitled to stand during the national anthem, Trump once again took to Twitter and claimed this was “Total disrespect for our great country!”.

Limiting freedom to address grievances (a right given to citizens in the First Amendment) also seems to be totally disrespectful to our great country. And what does it mean that comments like this are coming from the President of the United States? The man who represents our country and whose words are supposed radiate the essence of American society constantly makes a fool of himself through bigotry and his constant contradictions.

In another article by the Washington Post, Trump openly disrespects the family of a fallen soldier. This is inconsistent with his view on respecting our great country. How can one be more disrespectful in practicing their First Amendment Right than someone who disrespects our country’s soldiers?

If you are going to have strong and controversial opinions, it makes sense to at least stay consistent. Unfortunately, that seems to be asking for too much from the leader of our great country.

I believe that the NFL players have more of a right to “disrespect” our country than the President. The President needs to listen to the grievances of his people, and throughout this administration all we have seen is the President addressing is his own grievances about the people. This behavior cannot become norm, and I hope the NFL and others who believe in the freedom of speech continue to exercise their rights.

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  1. I think your last paragraph is really important- that Trump sees things only as they relate to him. A such, it is only appropriate for him to express hi grievances with the people while the people may not express their grievances with him, or the government. Some of this is related to First Amendment rights while some is more about the shallowness of current political discourse.
    When writing, be sure to proofread for clarity and try and avoid using repetitious phrases (our great country etc.)


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