I Wouldn’t Ride the T Either, Charlie.

"Governor Charlie Baker says he doesn’t need to ride the T. He’s wrong." Boston Globe 11/23/19  In my wild imagination, the headline “Governor Charlie Baker says he doesn’t need to ride the T” evokes the image of a nobleman being brought in a horse-drawn carriage while the rest of the people under his jurisdiction ride... Continue Reading →

What does Netanyahu’s Indictment Mean for Palestinians?

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of IsraelSource: ABC News Contemporary journalism often fails to lift up the voices and tell the stories of the individuals being impacted by large-scale political or economic situations. This past week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictment based on charges of bribery, breach of trust, and fraud received widespread mainstream media coverage.... Continue Reading →

We need whistleblowers in our hospitals too

Brace yourselves, this is actually a First Amendment news story that restores a little faith in humanity! According to a New Hampshire newspaper, a former spinal cord specialist and whistleblower at the Manchester VA Medical Center has just been awarded the 17th Annual Nackey S. Loeb First Amendment Award. The award was "established to honor... Continue Reading →

Both Journalists & Literature Need More Frames.

In reviewing the literature on new coverage of environmental crises, one article posed the question on whether journalists should volunteer to help people experiencing natural disasters by doing activities, such as passing out water bottles. Another article mentioned that many journalists who covered 9/11 highlighted American values, such as strength, and showed support for the... Continue Reading →

Morality v. Objectivity: Humanity v. Journalism

Rachel Smolkin’s piece on the ethics of covering natural disasters was eye-opening to me. It featured the perspectives of many journalists who, while covering Hurricane Katrina, struggled to balance their morals with codes of journalistic practice.  Smolkin describes that a group of students was once asked whether they would interrupt their reporting of a story... Continue Reading →

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