Stormys’ A-Brewin’

A federal judge dismissed adult film star Stormy Daniels’ defamation lawsuit against President Donald Trump yesterday in Federal court. Daniels claimed Trump’s tweet attacked the veracity of her account of the incident and that his tweet was false, defamatory and charged her with a serious crime. In an order handed down Monday, U.S. District Judge... Continue Reading →

What’s in a Tweet?

On October 15, Judge James Otero dismissed Stormy Daniels' defamation lawsuit and ordered her to pay for his legal fees. This lawsuit came about after Daniels claimed in an interview with Anderson that a man approached her and her infant daughter in a parking lot and threatened them both unless they left Trump alone. Trump... Continue Reading →

Journalism,Risk and Confidentiality

The death of the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi has been in the news recently. The Turkish government said Khashoggi was killed in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.  At first, no one confirmed if he was dead, although it was suspected. Apparently Khashoggi went to the consulate to arrange for a marriage certificate but never came out.  Trump said Khashoggi’s death was the possibility of... Continue Reading →

Were You Hacked by Ash?

In July of 2015, a virtual hacking went down in the books as debatably an unethical breach of journalistic code. Ashley Madison, a dating website used by millions of people, was hacked exposing the private information of its users. Not only were anonymous covers blown, dates of birth, personal affairs, and credit card numbers were... Continue Reading →

Protecting Whistleblowers

An informed public is a part of the foundation of a functioning democracy. Confidentiality plays a significant role in helping the press inform the public of government conduct. Confidential sources have led to the publication of seminal news stories, significantly impacting the public’s participation in our democracy. For example, journalists have relied on confidential sources... Continue Reading →

The Right to Record

What do you get when you mix portable technology that can capture and disseminate high-definition footage with the touch of a button and a growing national concern about police accountability? Anyone who has seen the news coverage of a police brutality case over the last few years knows the answer: bystander cell phone footage of... Continue Reading →

Life is short, have an affair, and get hacked!

With modern technological advances happening all the time, it is not surprising that the First Amendment is being considered a factor in journalistic approaches to covering leaks. Ashley Madison, an online dating website that specifically targets married adults who want to have affairs, was hacked in July 2015. This hack leaked tens of millions of user’s... Continue Reading →

Random Rants

There is a thin line to the first amendment regarding free speech and  its repercussions Often , people voice their opinions without realizing the consequences. For e.g. Kanye West and his rant about abolishing the 13th Amendment on the opening of the SNL season. The strides that blacks have made to be recognized and respected has... Continue Reading →

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