Just Fire Him

Yet again, Trump is threatening to fire someone in his cabinet. The victim this time is Inspector General Michael Atkinson. This is because Atkinson found the whistleblower complaint about Ukraine to be accurate. How prolific.  Queen Maggie Haberman writes that firing the Inspector General would be detrimental to Trump’s case. Similarly to the firing of... Continue Reading →

Stuck In a Rut: The Protest Paradigm

The Black Lives Matter movement has been successful at drawing attention, albeit not necessarily good attention. A study done by Joy Leopold and Myrtle Bell looked at various mainstream newspapers to see how they covered BLM protests. Insert the protest paradigm.  To make their work easier and help push out articles faster, journalists classify articles... Continue Reading →

America’s Poor Report Card

Ahhh, the fond memories of standardized testing. My fourth grade self would get up early, take a shower, eat and egg and off I went to get a mediocre score. Standardized testing is as American as baseball and is dying just the same.  Reading scores have had a significant decline in half the states. Our... Continue Reading →

So, who won?

The primaries are right around the corner and with 12 candidates being able to debate, what will happen? Can we actually choose a winner?  The consensus seems to be Warren with Klobashure and Buttigeg putting up a fair fight.  The Daily and Maggie Astor’s article made it clear that people are attacking Warren for a... Continue Reading →

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