So, who won?

The primaries are right around the corner and with 12 candidates being able to debate, what will happen? Can we actually choose a winner? 

The consensus seems to be Warren with Klobashure and Buttigeg putting up a fair fight. 

The Daily and Maggie Astor’s article made it clear that people are attacking Warren for a reason. Biden’s numbers are slowly going down while hers are steadily rising. Whether she defended herself well is another story. The views were split–some admiring her commitment and other annoyed that she wouldn’t give straight answers. I think she did a great job at deflecting questions she didn’t want to answer (like raising taxes for the middle class) and kept on track with her talking points. Any negative attention was made by her into a possible. 

And seriously, we all know that she’s gonna have to raise taxes–lets not play dumb. 

Klobashure actually spoke this time which was cool. Although I’m weary of her, I think we need a moderate as our next president. She came out with guns blazing and the media agrees. I did not appreciate her attacks on Warren, but I’m a little biased. This makes sense though as this article points out because she is the one to beat. It is risky though because of her popularity among democrats.

The media also is saying that Buttitgeg did pretty well at offering a moderate view, which I agree, but I hated how slow and monotone he was speaking. And the constant camera staring. Yikes. He mocked Warren’s plans and pressed her to answer questions. It was interesting to see him try to spar with her.

Bernie seems to have been resurrected to his former zeal. Who knew that a heart attack had positive effects?

What I appreciated most, and what I haven’t seen in the coverage that much, is the continuous reminder that the democrats need to be a united front. Booker really went for the jugular on that and Klobashure backed him up. We need to walk away from the constant Trump rhetoric because it’s just free advertising. Although attacks were made, it’s clear that everyone is in this together.

Anyone who says Yang won–how can you get over those weird arm movements? 

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  1. Yes Sara, I agree that Booker and Klobuchar’s comments about staying united as Democrats is important. There was a lot of attacking of Warren, and I appreciate your point of view on Warren’s ability to deflect and stay on track with what she wanted to get across. And I liked your point about all of the comments about Trump this debate—I think it was obvious everyone on stage didn’t agree with what Trump was doing and didn’t want him president so it got a little old..


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