Pointers from a High Class Dictator?

Article Two of my least favorite people in the entire world met just a few days ago. President Trump and Philippine President Duterte met on Sunday to discuss U.S.-Philippine relations. The two have often been compared to one another due to their strong "I don't give a fuck" personalities and their dislike of former President... Continue Reading →

xoxo Enough is Enough

Since the disgustingly large number of detailed allegations of Harvey Weinstein's sexual assaults have come into light- this has become a catalyst for men and women in the Entertainment industry. Actresses and actors are finding the strength to take down and call out their gruesome abusers. There have been allegations against House of Cards Kevin Spacey, That... Continue Reading →

Our Morals v. The U.S Constitution

In a recent article by The Boston Globe, author Kevin Cullen explains that pro-Trump protesters are planning to march in Boston in response to the Robert Mueller investigation. He recalls the similar protest in May- where anti-protesters immensely outnumbered the actual protesters. Although this may seem like a big win for the city of Boston considering the... Continue Reading →

A Call to Remain Consistent

President Trump contradicts himself tremendously. A recent article by the Washington Post, describes the ongoing battle between Trump and the NFL. After the NFL decided that players are not entitled to stand during the national anthem, Trump once again took to Twitter and claimed this was "Total disrespect for our great country!". Limiting freedom to... Continue Reading →

Potential Dangers in Non Confidentiality

After reading Anthony Lewis' chapter on Brazenburg v Ohio, I grew worried about the safety of private citizens ability to share personal stories. In Brazenurg v Ohio the court ruled that a reporter must testify in a criminal grand jury when called. The Chief Justices states "we cannot seriously entertain the notion that the First Amendment protects... Continue Reading →

The “Right to be Let Alone”

"Once someone becomes a public figure, however unwillingly, he or she is forever fair game for the press." - Anthony Lewis in Freedom for the Thought We Hate In this quote Lewis perfectly sums up the circumstances of James Sidis and the Hill family. James Sidis was thrown into the public eye because of his father.... Continue Reading →

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