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Since the disgustingly large number of detailed allegations of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults have come into light- this has become a catalyst for men and women in the Entertainment industry. Actresses and actors are finding the strength to take down and call out their gruesome abusers. There have been allegations against House of Cards Kevin SpaceyThat 70’s Show Danny Masterson, and most recently Gossip Girl’s Ed Westwick.

In every case of sexual abuse, the victims feared for their careers. The for years many of these victims were left without justice. The abusers, society, and even people close to them urged them not to come out publicly about their abuse for the sake of their career progression. This victim silencing is much bigger than freedom of speech- it’s about how legitimizing sexual abuse, especially from the horribly powerful men in the Entertainment industry.

I may just be overly hopeful, but I truly believe things are changing. Women (and men) are looking out for each other. We are all more open. We talk. We are all living among a selfish government that could not care less about sexual abuse and people are fed up. People have been organizing and protesting and one day soon justice will come. Victims will no longer be silenced by their peers and environment. Hollywood may be notorious for it’s sexual misconduct, but I predict we will see many more actors and actresses stepping forward to call out their abusers and find justice given the current climate.

One of the victims of Ed Westwick, Kristina Cohen states “I hope that my stories and the stories of others help to reset and realign the toxic environments and power imbalances that have created these monsters.”

For more information on resources regarding sexual assaults:

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

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  1. I hope you are correct. It is, perhaps another instance in which there is a great divide in this country where half are becoming more progressive and the other half is retreating from any attempts to level the playing field or address injustices. And of course- it is not just Hollywood. We have seen it in Washington, in Silicon Valley and I think it is only a matter of time before the world of finance starts grappling with its own toxic culture. Again- I hope you’re right and that things will get better.


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