Protestors Bodies Are Not Fair Use

Earlier this week, the New York Times published an article on student journalists facing backlash for publishing a photo of a student in distress during a protest against a Jeff Sessions giving a speech on campus. The student called the photo “trauma porn” and the student newspaper took the picture off of twitter and issued... Continue Reading →

Social Media Journalism

Like most college students in their early 20s, I have a twitter. Which of course means that I spend too much time aimlessly scrolling just barely reading anything on my feed. But I pay enough attention to notice how often articles are quoted and called out for either being incorrect or for misrepresenting facts.  This... Continue Reading →

Corporate Agenda of News

Capitalism has ruined the news industry. Shocking, I know! Who would have guessed that the publics’ main source of information regarding events on a local to international level should not be controlled by corporations? There are multiple things wrong with the industry as it is. The first is this idea of “competitive news”. Competition has... Continue Reading →

The Cost of Climate Change in California

Residents of Northern California can’t look at wind the same way anymore. It’s not just a normal weather day anymore when they see high winds in the forecast, they’ve been trained to have an almost pavlovian response to it telling them that fires are coming. Because historically, they are.  The cause of some of the... Continue Reading →

Our Election Coverage is Messed Up

To say the current state of our news is not handled for the current presidential election is, in my opinion, putting it lightly. Journalism has always played a vital role in the electability of presidential candidates. Not to say that it has been the only deciding factor but, as illustrated by Thomas E Patterson, the... Continue Reading →

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