The Powerless Press

To hear members of the media speak, they simply report on the political world. They do not shape it in any way. According to these people, when the president says something, a journalist's job is merely to report what was said. But it seems wholly unreasonable to believe that the founders would have given such... Continue Reading →

Welcome to The Critic’s Corner

Welcome to the "Critic's Corner" where students from COMM-327- Culture of the News at Simmons University blog about the role of journalism in society. Students will take turns blogging about the weekly reading and about the news.

A Word About Our Sources

The First Amendment Forum is a place where students in Simmons COMM 320 post their thoughts about weekly readings. For this course, students read the following books: Bell, E. & Owen, T (Eds) (2017) Journalism after Snowden: The Future of the Free Press in the Surveillance State. New York, NY: Columbia University Press Epps, G... Continue Reading →

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