The Small Donor Problem

Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders has raised upwards of $10 million dollars a week after launching his presidential campaign. The average contribution of those donations were $27. Sanders is among many to vocally rebuke Super PAC money, he is one to consistently celebrate that much of his donations come from small donors. Services like Actblue, make... Continue Reading →

It’s Just a Photo

Many lost it across popular social media channels, championing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as the bearer of the final word in what seems to be charged meeting in the White House. President Trump sits on the other side of the room, pouting.  Some view the photo as being so powerful, that after President... Continue Reading →

What we Can Learn from Watergate

In United States v. Nixon (1974,) Nixon sued the United States for violating the Impeachment clause, Article I, Section III, Section VI of the Constitution. In the midst of the “Watergate” dispute Nixon was subpoenaed to court and he refused to hand over his communications. The Courts found that  the president’s executive privilege does not... Continue Reading →

Disaster to Disaster for a Living

Background Long hours, arduous unplanned work for little to no wages. This describes the work of many undocumented immigrants who chase disasters as a means of living. The following blog post will explore the lives of migrant workers who oftentimes come from Central or South America for work to states like Florida which is often... Continue Reading →

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