The Influence of Telecommunications Agencies

A few days ago, Trump’s appointed chairman to the FCC, Ajit Pai proposed a bill that seriously jeopardizes net neutrality. The bill would essentially make major communications agencies such as, Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, capable of controlling internet for users. This regulation would look like higher or slower internet speeds depending on content, higher premium prices... Continue Reading →

Thanks, Snowden. Unfortunately, we don’t Care.

Me: The government is and has the capacity to watch our every move through massive surveillance programming and support from communications agencies. Everything you type, search, send, snap, post, record, call, and potentially think - if we become some sort of Orwellian fiction-  is collected metadata that could potentially be used against you in every... Continue Reading →

Haters gonna hate under the First Amendment

In Tennessee, white nationalist crept out from their exclusive, dark, aloof online spaces and made their existence known. Two hours late to their own rally, they congregated in the small town of Shelbyville. Counter Protesters were already there and had been since eight in the morning. They mocked the self-identified “white lives matter” group. The... Continue Reading →

What is a Journalist anyway?

When it comes to journalistic privilege, we have to ask ourselves: What is a journalist, and what is privilege? The expansion of the internet has made it so everybody has the ability to publish their opinions, political ideologies, stories, etc. The internet has also given rise to, “citizen journalism.” in which everyday citizens can use... Continue Reading →

Journalistic Privilege, or Naw?

As the opinion editor for my school’s newspaper, I expect to come across writers that want their work underneath the “anonymous” by-line. Though, I never fully considered the significance of that protection. Especially for the writers that take a risk in sharing stories. I received a submission once about the life of a DACA recipient.... Continue Reading →

Soceity Changes, but does the Law?

Samuel D. Warren and Louis D. Brandeis once wrote in the Harvard Law Review of 1890, that, “ the common law, in its eternal youth, grows to meet the new demands of society.” They were asserting that when changes occur within our economical, political, and social structures, the law, in its nature, and with justice... Continue Reading →

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