What Makes Them “Tick”?

I was in high school when the Charlie Hebdo shooting happened in Paris. The shooting, which killed 12 people and injured 11, was in response to comics published by the satirical newspaper that depicted the Prophet Muhammad. Islam forbids depictions of the Prophet, and in nations where Islamic law is in place, those who create... Continue Reading →

I Wouldn’t Ride the T Either, Charlie.

"Governor Charlie Baker says he doesn’t need to ride the T. He’s wrong." Boston Globe 11/23/19  In my wild imagination, the headline “Governor Charlie Baker says he doesn’t need to ride the T” evokes the image of a nobleman being brought in a horse-drawn carriage while the rest of the people under his jurisdiction ride... Continue Reading →

Why So Defensive?

In every discussion about the distribution of government funds, someone brings up military spending. And every time someone quips, "Why don't we just spend less on the military? There are billions going towards them," I always express my opinion on the matter: "The U.S. government has dug themselves into a hole so deep - with... Continue Reading →

This is a Case for the FDA!

Have you ever bought vegan “Cheez” or “Chik’n”? Or, perhaps, "Just Like Parmesan… plant based cheese"? The reason why these pseudonyms for vegan products exist is because of the FDA. The FDA regulates what can and can’t be identified as certain foods, and since technically vegan cheese alternative isn’t actually cheese, it cannot be sold... Continue Reading →


Did the death of the newspaper lead to the Trump presidency; or did the Trump presidency lead us into an age of poor, censored, and often fake journalism? Baym argues that tabloids set the stage for Trump’s presidency, as the death of the newspaper lead the public’s eyes and attention to cheap news media with... Continue Reading →

Panhandling & Freedom of Speech

Image taken from an article about Newark Penn Station. Public train and bus stations often serve as temporary shelters for homeless people in America. I recall my first time visiting New Jersey’s Newark Penn Station. The big, warm station with its long, winding halls had multiple eateries and lots of wide, comfy pew-like benches to... Continue Reading →

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