Stop! In the Name of Good Publicity!

Matthew McConaughey as "Danny Buck Davidson" in Bernie. One of my all-time favorite films is Bernie. The film, released in 2011, tells the real story of a 1999 murder trial in Carthage, Texas. Bernie Tiede, the film’s titular character, murders an elderly woman to whom he was very close in a fit of rage following... Continue Reading →

Can Facebook Be Used To Revive Local News?

Okay, I know. Facebook is every scholar’s least favorite social media platform. "It’s a breeding ground for ignorance! Its algorithms change the news people receive! And worst of all, it steals your information at the same time!" I get it, I get it. These are all valid criticisms. But the reality is, new Facebook accounts... Continue Reading →

Obstruction, But Make It Optimistic

One of the most frequent complaints I hear from other people about the news is that it makes them feel hopeless. In the 2010s, people have been bombarded like never before with news about issues that are out of their power. Although the impeachment is not necessarily one of these topics - in fact, it's... Continue Reading →

Protest or Righteous Bullying? The Denver Post, 9/29/19 The First Amendment protects the citizens’ right of assembly. But what happens when those being protested against are children? The Colorado Proud Boys and several antifascist activists exercised their First Amendment rights this Sunday... at the front of a children’s drag show. This drag show, held in Denver, Colorado, brings... Continue Reading →

Hidden Gems – Articles With Another Message

NPR News’ recent report of activism in Houston dissects the fine line between peaceful protest and public disturbance. Greenpeace protesters, tied to ropes and carrying streamers, rappelled off of Houston’s Fred Hartman Bridge, blocking a ship channel through which oil from Shell and Exxon Mobil is imported and exported. More oil is exported through Houston... Continue Reading →

Obscenity’s Obsolescence

  Have you ever been describing a night out with friends or a date and omitted a few details depending on who you were talking to? Not because you yourself were ashamed of what happened, but because you knew that person would not be comfortable hearing the details of the night. This comfort threshold, held... Continue Reading →

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