University of Wisconsin approves punishment of student protestors in new First Amendment rule

The University of Wisconsin approved a rule that would punish students for disrupting and/or protesting speeches and presentations on campus. The rule, which awaits implementation and signage by Governor Scott Walker, mandates that student protestors who disrupt speeches and presentations may be subject to suspension and possibly even expulsion.

The University of Wisconsin campus. Source: Wikimedia Commons
The University of Wisconsin will suspend students that have disrupted speeches and presentations twice on campus, and will expel those that have disrupted speeches and presentations three times.

The University of Wisconsin is a public institution and could be violating protestors’ free speech rights on campus if this rule passes. To restrict students’ free speech in order to promote speakers with contrasting viewpoints makes this a contradictory rule. If this rule does pass, the University of Wisconsin will also be causing a chilling effect on student protests and free speech.

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  1. Yes. One of the saddest things to watch over the last seven years has been the systematic destruction of the University of Wisconsin. It was once a great university able to attract brilliant faculty and bright and engaged students.The University offered a high quality education at an affordable price- particularly for in state students. However, the Republican Governor has slashed funding (both through budgets cuts and by lowering tuition), and has sought to weaken protections for professors in terms of tenure and also moving decision making power away from faculty over to hand picked administrators. We are witnessing the systematic dismantling of Wisoconsin’s flagship University. It is truly depressing.


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