Our Morals v. The U.S Constitution


In a recent article by The Boston Globe, author Kevin Cullen explains that pro-Trump protesters are planning to march in Boston in response to the Robert Mueller investigation. He recalls the similar protest in May- where anti-protesters immensely outnumbered the actual protesters.

Although this may seem like a big win for the city of Boston considering the vast history of racism in our city, it’s important to recognize the constitutional rights these people are exercising.

The group, Resist Marxism, is planning a protest on the Boston Common November 18th. This time, the group did not get a permit and will be speaking without amplification in the commons. And many people’s first instinct may be to call them out, or even organize another huge anti-protest. But in an era where racists and bigots rule our country and do not feel like they are being heard- it is in our best interest to let them speak.

This protest will be most likely be nothing more than a minor nuisance for those walking through the Boston Commons on November 18th. We can assume the turnout for this event will mimic the turnout in May- and possibly even less since Trump’s approval rating continue to decline. And when we don’t give these hateful groups the attention they crave, their numbers will dwindle even more.

We need to remember that tolerance is necessary for all parties. And that violence and added hatred will only lead to further chaos.



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  1. It is interesting to see your thinking change on this over the course of the semester. It would seem to me that it is important to let these people march and indeed, their small number may itself be a powerful statement. However, I would also suggest that they would be wise to get a permit. It *is* within the interest of government for protesters to get permits etc. Given that man people may decide to protest, it will be important to have the requisite number or police officers there to protect both sides. Permitting allows the city to gauge attendance and security needs.


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