Free Speech For All

Chapter 10 of Lewis Freedom for the Thought That We Hate, discusses hate speech and I found it alarming that The United States differs from all other Western societies in its legal treatment of hate speech. In eleven countries it is crime to deny the Holocaust, yet in America we have free expression and the... Continue Reading →

What Snowden Has to Teach Journalists

"Confidentiality means nothing if a third party can reasonably access whom a journalist has been talking to through their phone logs, contacts, lists, e-mails, texts or by working out who else was in a certain location at a certain time." (22) In Journalism After Snowden, the text discusses the concept of privacy and lack thereof.... Continue Reading →

Privacy, when do we draw the line?

According to Lewis in Freedom for the Thought That We Hate, “The interest of privacy was first authoritatively weighed against the First Ammendment’s guarantee of free expression by the Supreme Court in 1967, in the case of Time, Inc V. Hill. In summary, The Hills and their children were kept hostage in their home by... Continue Reading →

What is Obscenity?

February 22, 1971, Paul Robert Cohen V. California, Cohen was wearing a jacket on which were inscribed the words “fuck the draft” and he won his case by a vote 5 to 4, the Supreme Court reversed his conviction, holding that it violated the right to free expression under the first amendment. The real problem... Continue Reading →

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