The Rooster less Ranch

Danny Masterson, known as Rooster, has just been written out of Netflix’s hit comedy The Ranch. Netflix fired him after four women came out about the assaults that happened in the early 2000’s. Masterson, spoke out and said "I have never been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one. In this country, you... Continue Reading →

The Right to Offend

Colleges and Universities are beginning to realize that they were given an impossible task. They must figure out how to balance their universities goals while also making sure that students are able to have their rights. This is especially daunting for colleges because in order for the college to be successful it must create a... Continue Reading →

Was it Worth it?

In Journalism after Snowden the authors begin to talk about the reaction to Edward Snowden releasing classified information. Before Snowden told the world about the capabilities of the NSA and other organizations there were largely two theories. The first being that; government organizations are only collecting information from a specific group of people, in order to investigate... Continue Reading →

Who’s Being Targeted?

The Espionage Act, is critical when it comes to protecting America specifically in a time of war. There is certain information that should be regarded as sacred or at least classified. For example, if someone leaked information about where American troops are residing or their next steps; they have essentially given away the position of... Continue Reading →


Being a journalist means getting the story by doing whatever is necessary. Even if that means you are accepting information from people anonymously in order to get them to agree to give up that information. It makes since that some people want their name or face removed from a story, in order to make sure... Continue Reading →

Is the Benefit Worth the Cost?

There have been many times where I have voluntarily given up different parts of my freedom. If I’m going to a public event my bag is almost always checked, when I’m starting a new job I’m expected to go through multiple background checks, and when flying I am processed patted down and checked. The reason... Continue Reading →

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