How to Handle Hate Speech

In most countries other than the USA, hate speech is a crime. In fact, in Germany you can end up spending five years in prison for hate speech. The United States has a long history of trying to deal with this type of speech, and currently there are pretty tight restrictions on criminal punishments for... Continue Reading →

Whistleblowers: Good or Bad?

If you ask someone whether whistleblowers are good or bad, you are going to get very different responses based on who you ask. For example, if you were to ask someone from the government, they would probably say bad. But if you were to ask the editor of a major newspaper, their opinion would be... Continue Reading →

The Press Versus The Courts

When it comes to the media coverage of a legal trial, the First Amendment and the Sixth Amendment often clash. While some will argue that the press has the right to publish whatever they want whenever they want, others believe this infringes on the rights of the defendant. This issue was first brought about in... Continue Reading →

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