Every day, it is the job of a journalist to expose the truth. But, is ironic how while their jobs are to expose the truth, they are also expected to keep secrets. In Emily Bells’s Journalism After Snowden, she elaborates on the journalist’s need to protect the secrets of his or her sources. Along with... Continue Reading →

Just Ignore the First Amendment

It is no secret that President Trump advertises a strong dislike of the media, left-wing news outlets, and sadly, for the First Amendment. In recent interviews and press pop-ups, Trump can be seen demanding journalists keep quiet and telling them that they have no right to ask him questions . Now, he has every right... Continue Reading →

Trump: Abuser of the First

It’s hard to unsee a lot of what President Trump publishes on social media, but it is a lot easier to recognize his blatant disregard for the First Amendment. While his First Amendment rights are similar to that of every other American citizen, using his governmental power to influence, threaten, or take away the First... Continue Reading →

Were You Hacked by Ash?

In July of 2015, a virtual hacking went down in the books as debatably an unethical breach of journalistic code. Ashley Madison, a dating website used by millions of people, was hacked exposing the private information of its users. Not only were anonymous covers blown, dates of birth, personal affairs, and credit card numbers were... Continue Reading →


Senator Lindsey Graham just couldn’t seem to bite his tongue during Thursday’s Kavanaugh hearing as #StopKavanaugh became the mantra well into the weekend on every social media outlet. South Carolina’s Republican senator has earned himself a remarkable number of retweets and shares coupled with enough media attention to last us into next year. Highlighted on... Continue Reading →

Justice for the Obscenity That We Hate

There’s been a great debate for decades over what The Constitution’s distinguished First Amendment protects. Sure, you have your freedoms: freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and of course the freedom to redress grievances with the government. But, what about the freedom of expression? In February of 1971, the Supreme Court convicted Paul Robert Cohen... Continue Reading →

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