Can the simple exercising of speech cause harm?

In the study of constitutionally protected speech, there is much discussion on whether speech that incites violence, hate crimes, or intentional falsehoods should be protected. There is however, another category in which speech can and has been regulated that has nothing to do with its content or potential for violence. Sometimes, the overexercise of speech... Continue Reading →

My Lips Are Never Sealed

The United States of America, the land of the free and home of the brave. I often think about the significance of these words. What makes America great? Is it actually great? In this incessant news cycle, there is always something that disappoints and/or stresses me out. One week, it’s the President’s denial of climate... Continue Reading →

Losing control on information

The Associated Press reported this week that senators met with the CIA head Director Gina Haspel and were convinced not only was Saudis involved in the killing of Washington Post journalist Khashoggi but so was the Saudi Prince . A brief reminder of who Khashoggi was? Khashoggi was a Saudi Arabia national who sought asylum in the U.S.... Continue Reading →

Conflict & Compromise

Protecting the First Amendment often conflicts with protecting other values, like the right to a fair trial, fair elections and national security. In chapter 11 of Freedom for the Thought We Hate, author Anthony Lewis discusses the struggle that comes with balancing the First Amendment with other interests. Protecting the right to a fair trial... Continue Reading →

The Right to Free Speech at Baraboo High

This is the picture that sparked a national uproar when, despite being taken in May, went viral on Twitter earlier this month. The photo shows a large group of mostly white high school students from Baraboo, Wisconsin posing for a prom picture by raising their arms in Nazi salutes. The picture was captioned, “We even... Continue Reading →

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