My Lips Are Never Sealed

The United States of America, the land of the free and home of the brave. I often think about the significance of these words. What makes America great? Is it actually great? In this incessant news cycle, there is always something that disappoints and/or stresses me out. One week, it’s the President’s denial of climate... Continue Reading →

Freedom to Ski, Take Shots and Speak

Free speech has its limits. There are freedoms we sacrifice within the First Amendment as a collective society. The Supreme Court has determined this in certain cases,  such as the Miller v California ruling against obscene speech. Other exceptions of the First Amendment include refusing protections for child pornography ownership and production, a speech we... Continue Reading →

Let it Snowden

It’s the holiday season. You hop on the metro, paying with your Charlie card, heading inbound to Copley. You notice there’s a Starbucks next to the store, so you naturally go inside to buy your usual, double short latte with almond milk. You need all the energy you can get, anticipating the lines in the... Continue Reading →

The People’s Wave

It is now the day after the long anticipated Election Day in America. The supposed Blue Wave that was supposed to permeate the polls did not exactly happen the way Democrats expected it to happen. There were some disappointments in high-stakes race. Stacey Abrams may not win the gubernatorial race in Georgia. Andrew Gillum lost... Continue Reading →

The Coach Doesn’t Get To Be The Umpire

To some, the term whistleblower is synonymous with leaker. The word leaker has a negative connotation is attached to it. However, a whistleblower should not have this undertone associated with it. It is not the take-out box from dinner that drips curry sauce, the unnecessary nuisance. A whistleblower is the rubber band wrapped around a... Continue Reading →

America’s Big Brother, Google

We are all somewhat aware of the incessant information our devices have of us. Fleeting thoughts and underdeveloped opinions make their way onto our search engines. We may forget after a couple of hours, but our devices won't. Fragments of our conversations, visited locations, pictures, personal information and documented thoughts will mold together to form... Continue Reading →

Not the Ares of America

It’s often said that the media are the fourth branch of the United States government. They report. They reflect. They respond. They represent. Individuals comprise the media. It is important to make that distinction. Donald Trump often reports that the media are the enemy of the American people. He paints them as this malicious, vile... Continue Reading →

Screaming in a Soundproof Society

It’s 2018. We have Donald Trump in the highest office of power in this country, a man who has a myriad of sexual misconduct allegations against him. His behavior, excused by his voter and congressional base as false allegations and empty words, did not stop him from assuming the role of President of the United States. Through... Continue Reading →

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