The Media should be ashamed! Very, Very bad.

I recently read an article in which the chairman of Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Aijt Pai, was under pressure to comment on President Trump’s threats against NBC. Trump tweeted, “With all the fake news coming out of NBC and the networks at what point is it appropriate to challenge their license?” Claiming that news networks have become partisan.

The worry is that if he speaks out on the first amendment, it could affect where he stands politically. Similarly, to other Trump appointees, like Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, who have come on President Trump’s bad side.  

Many people were saying that if he comments on the tweet, he picks a fight with the president, but if he doesn’t, then that must mean he doesn’t care about the guarantees of the First Amendment.

NBC isn’t the only news network Trump has come after. If you are part of the media, Trump probably doesn’t like you. He thinks the media are spewing nothing but falsehoods, intended to hurt his image and spread lies, and that is evident through his abundance of angry tweets.

Although the FCC does not oversee licenses for stations, like NBC, many still want Pai to “take a stand” (Harding McGill, 2017), and protect broadcasters regardless of what the president may say about them.

Frankly, I think it is pretty ridiculous that people are constantly having to explain Trump’s tweets. People on his side are either defending him, or explaining why what he tweeted was wrong, or not taken right.

I’m surprised no one has taken his phone away. I mean, is it real presidential to refer to the leader of North Korea, as “Rocket Man”? I am not sure where the line is going to be drawn, or if it ever will be, but his Twitter is a whole First Amendment issue in itself.

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  1. It might be worth exploring whether Trump’s threats are even legitimate. (He cannot- under existing law rescind a license for speech he does not like). I would also make sure that you keep focused on one topic at a time. Your last paragraph throws a lot in there!


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