What does Netanyahu’s Indictment Mean for Palestinians?

Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of IsraelSource: ABC News Contemporary journalism often fails to lift up the voices and tell the stories of the individuals being impacted by large-scale political or economic situations. This past week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s indictment based on charges of bribery, breach of trust, and fraud received widespread mainstream media coverage.... Continue Reading →

Privacy v. Safety

We've been seeing a lot of whistleblowing not just in the past few weeks, but in the last 6 years or so when Snowden leaked highly classified information to the media. People have mixed emotions about this. On one hand, the fact that the government knows every single word we say and every set we... Continue Reading →

Pete Buttigieg’s “Straight-Passing” Privilege

Source: Forbes Magazine Many have questioned Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s qualifications to be the President of the United States, including some of his fellow Democratic candidates. I recently say a New York Times op-ed titled “Why Pete Buttigieg Annoys His Democratic Rivals” exploring how many find Buttigieg to be irritating and difficult to take seriously considering... Continue Reading →

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