American Ignorance

We all know Trump pulled our troops out of Syria and we know that it was arguably the stupidest and most random thing he could’ve done. Maybe not so random, though, since President Trump decided to do it on Putin’s birthday – basically as a birthday gift for him since Russia stepped in to take our place.

Regardless of Trump’s pitiful decisions, it seems as if Americans can only think of how it is going to give them problems. I am not saying it does not create giant problems for us, because it completely does. I’m only saying we are not thinking about how it effects others involved in this situation. Those being the people who are barely surviving in ISIS prisons.

Most people in them are missing limbs, covered in bandages from injuries, missing eyeballs, and are bony due to starvation. They live in orange jumpsuits, like what the Islamic State dressed their prisoners in before they killed them.

Tens of thousands of men and women are now in squalid camps and crowded prisons since the Islamic state’s self-declared caliphate crumbled. The Syrian government has chosen to put these people in custody with a Kurdish-led force that does not have the resources to house, feed and protect them.

It’s not just adults, though. It’s children too. Children who are being born and raised in the tragic, sickening environment have to suffer so incredibly much. There are more than 150 children that are being stuffed into two cells with little to no sunlight. Their parents are either dead or detained.

Please, tell me why we aren’t focusing on this or even on the adults and children that are being detained in our own country due to ICE. I thought we were “The Land of the Free?” It turns out we are the “Land of the Selfish and Greedy.”

I’m sure the Native Americans could’ve told us that, though.

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  1. Megan,
    I think you are confused about some basic elements here. The people described in these prisons are actually ISIS fighters and their families who the Kurds have held in camps. Though the children in those camps are not ISIS members, they are members of families who were part of the Islamic caliphate. The Kurds, working with American support have held them in detention camps since the fall of the Islamic Caliphate. What Trump has allowed to happen is for them to be freed because their Kurdish captors are now being bombed and attacked by Turkish forces. The Kurds, who were once our allies, are now being slaughtered. This is a far more complex situation that this blog suggests.


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