Lawyer Resigns after Saying N-Word at First Amendment Panel

A lawyer at the University of North Texas, Caitlin Sewell, resigned after giving a speech about the First Amendment. During this event, she was supposed to be giving the students an understanding of civil discourse and the type of language protected under the First Amendment.

She proceeds to warn everyone that what she is going to say is offensive, and talking about the First Amendment is impossible to talk about without saying horrible things. She then says the N-word in a sentence, followed by, “..and I hate you.”

Students and staff were completely shocked by Sewell’s words. Though she tried to defend herself, students became enraged.

I also find issues with this, because she then proceeded to censor the F-word. Why would she censor the F-word but not the N-word?

I already think it’s tricky trying to explain why you said the N-word by saying that you were “trying to be real.” And then by censoring a word that nobody gives a crap about anymore?

Which word do y’all think damages people more?

The First Amendment protects free speech. I understand that Sewell says she was just trying to show what is protected. What I cannot support is her censoring f–k. If you’re not censoring other explicit words, don’t censor anything. It’s quite simple.

Or you could just not say it at all. Again, incredibly simple. Just because this was a whole First Amendment thing, that didn’t mean she had to say it. She really didn’t. I know the whole point was to show what is protected under the U.S. Constitution, but this was not her ‘free pass’ to say the N-word.

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  1. This lawyer is absolutely foolish – how are you going to censor the F word and not the N word? I think she made a poor decision in delivering this speech, and if anything she should have erred on the side of caution instead of controversy. Sure, it is her 1st Amendment right to say that and University of Texas is a public institution; but the results – of public criticism and ostracization – have brought her to resign from her position. Overall, dumb decision.


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