Journalism is on the Decline

We live in a quickly advancing world. It’s changing so fast that it is hard to keep up. Technology has made most of our lives so much easier, but for a big chunk of journalism, it has landed lots of people getting laid off.

News companies, especially newspapers, are declining. They are declining so bad, it is an epidemic they are facing daily. It is not just a progression in technology that has made these jobs drop like flies. It also has to do with the public mistrust of journalists.

With media already being in a weakened state of decline, the fact that in a study completed by the Knight Foundation over 30% of Republicans believe that media is not to be trusted and do not believe their trust will ever be restored.

Their responses as to why is that they believe media has problems of inaccuracy and bias.

This doesn’t surprise me though since journalists now have to mainly report on what the public wants to hear, and not really on the news that actually matters.

Not only that, but when the leader of your country calls press the “enemy of the people,” I’m sure that does not do great things for their ratings.

As a student studying in journalism, this is hard to see. I have to put myself out in the grown up world soon, and to what is that exactly? A world where if I somehow land a job at the local newspaper, I will be worrying about keeping my job for years on end? I will be worrying about writing the “wrong” articles, because certain people mistake cold, hard facts for biases?

It is incredibly crucial to the future of journalism as well as to life in general that these jobs start increasing again. Though nobody seems to have an idea on how to do this yet, I am 100% sure that once people restore their trust in the media, things will start to get better. The more trust there is in the media means more readers and viewers, resulting in more jobs. We need this. The public needs this. Journalists have only one repsonsibility and that is to serve the public with the truth and not just what people want to hear.

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