Trump Isn’t Taking The ‘Whistleblower’s’ Report Seriously; Should We?

On July 25, 2019, Trump reportedly asked Ukraine’s president, Zelensky, to investigate former Vice President, Joe Biden, and Biden’s son for political reasons. This past August, a member of the intelligence community filed a whistleblower complaint to the Intelligence Community Inspector General, regarding the July phone conversation between Trump and Zelensky. Politician, Nancy Pelosi, worked to launch a formal impeachment inquiry on Trump. 

There has been outrage from the public about how this information is being handled. Pelosi is determined to get all the details of complaint released, but this information is currently kept private to keep the whistleblower’s identity protected. Trump posted rants on Twitter about his discontent about the interest in this matter by officials. Trump’s Twitter comments appear that he thinks he’s above the law, which makes me wonder if he will get away with not being impeached for this politically-motivated act. I cannot see why Trump would be impeached because of the political power that he currently holds and because of the many people that support Trump already; why wouldn’t they cover his back now?

This situation is obviously connected to the 2020 election, which raises concerns about fairness in the upcoming election. I wonder about the impact that Trump’s actions will have on the amount of votes that he will receive in the upcoming election. I don’t think it will even make a difference if Trump loses some votes because many people back up Trump whether or not he had secret communications with Zelensky in July. Think about it, if you were a Republican who liked Trump, then why wouldn’t you side with Trump regardless of what Trump did?

People see what they want to believe, but I feel that citizens’ role in challenging the wrongdoings of presidents in groups is crucial in gaining an equitable outcome in this situation. 

2 thoughts on “Trump Isn’t Taking The ‘Whistleblower’s’ Report Seriously; Should We?

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  1. Trump may be flaky when it comes to fulfilling campaign promises for his constituents, but when it comes to fulfilling promises of violence, he truly follows through. I think that if he wants to cause problems for the whistleblowers, he is fully capable of it. I think his threats should be taken seriously and kept on record. If this “civil war” is to happen, we should prepare ourselves physically and emotionally for how polarized the nation will become.


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