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Got Leaks?

Journalists have to go through a lot to protect their sources. It was fascinating to read about just a few of the things they do in chapter 7 of Journalism After Snowden. For one thing. The author said that it took him a while to learn about encrypted messages, and he would have to go... Continue Reading →

Hate Speech in the Trump Era

I found this reading on the topic of hate speech to be incredibly interesting. At the beginning of this course, we were asked to write our thoughts on what we know about the First Amendment, as well as what we think should and should not be protected. I stated that the First Amendment should protect... Continue Reading →

The Rooster less Ranch

Danny Masterson, known as Rooster, has just been written out of Netflix’s hit comedy The Ranch. Netflix fired him after four women came out about the assaults that happened in the early 2000’s. Masterson, spoke out and said "I have never been charged with a crime, let alone convicted of one. In this country, you... Continue Reading →

This Week on Trump and The First Amendment

This week was a dark one if you consider the U.S. president and his openly racist attitude toward people of the Islam faith. On Wednesday, Trump retweeted three videos which appeared to involve Muslim migrants abusing white people. These videos were endorsed by the British Ultranationalist group, Britain First. The titles of the videos retweeted... Continue Reading →

Free Speech For All

Chapter 10 of Lewis Freedom for the Thought That We Hate, discusses hate speech and I found it alarming that The United States differs from all other Western societies in its legal treatment of hate speech. In eleven countries it is crime to deny the Holocaust, yet in America we have free expression and the... Continue Reading →

Speech turned Violent at UCONN

Just the other day, the College Republicans at the University of Connecticut invited the White House Correspondent for the right-wing Gateway Pundit website, Lucian Wintrich to speak. His speech was titled, “It’s OK to be white”.  100 people attended, many of whom shouted “Go, home, Nazi” over him as he tried to speak. I definitely... Continue Reading →

Censure vs. Censor: Trump toes a precarious line 

  News response: Freedom of speech and freedom of press typically go hand in hand, but for Trump they often clash. Case in point, Trump recently called CNN out via Twitter (not for the first time, of course). On November 25 he Tweeted: “@FoxNews is MUCH more important in the United States than CNN,... Continue Reading →

The Right to Offend

Colleges and Universities are beginning to realize that they were given an impossible task. They must figure out how to balance their universities goals while also making sure that students are able to have their rights. This is especially daunting for colleges because in order for the college to be successful it must create a... Continue Reading →

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