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First Amendment Fires.

This week, preparing for this blog there were two main issues that I wanted to discuss, both different but both very important in our country currently. One a violation of the first amendment and the other a life and death natural disaster. One involves the White House suspending a CNN reporter’s credentials, the President of... Continue Reading →

Let it Snowden

It’s the holiday season. You hop on the metro, paying with your Charlie card, heading inbound to Copley. You notice there’s a Starbucks next to the store, so you naturally go inside to buy your usual, double short latte with almond milk. You need all the energy you can get, anticipating the lines in the... Continue Reading →

Just Ignore the First Amendment

It is no secret that President Trump advertises a strong dislike of the media, left-wing news outlets, and sadly, for the First Amendment. In recent interviews and press pop-ups, Trump can be seen demanding journalists keep quiet and telling them that they have no right to ask him questions . Now, he has every right... Continue Reading →

Legacy of the Snowden Leaks

In 2013 Edward Snowden copied and leaked thousands of classified documents revealing information about National Security Agency (NSA) surveillance of Americans and people all over the world. The Guardian and The Washington Post then published stories based on the classified information. Similar to the Pentagon Papers, the Snowden revelations resulted in an espionage case against... Continue Reading →

The People’s Wave

It is now the day after the long anticipated Election Day in America. The supposed Blue Wave that was supposed to permeate the polls did not exactly happen the way Democrats expected it to happen. There were some disappointments in high-stakes race. Stacey Abrams may not win the gubernatorial race in Georgia. Andrew Gillum lost... Continue Reading →

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