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It’s Just a Photo

Many lost it across popular social media channels, championing Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi as the bearer of the final word in what seems to be charged meeting in the White House. President Trump sits on the other side of the room, pouting.  Some view the photo as being so powerful, that after President... Continue Reading →

Who Can and Cannot Exist in Public?

The NPR notification read: “Showdown Over LGBTQ Employment Rights Hits Supreme Court.” I grabbed my headphones and committed to not going back to sleep, as one does after they involuntarily waking up at 5:05 am.   The piece from Morning Edition gives a breif rundown of the case at hand; today, October 8th, 2019, the United... Continue Reading →

Can Facebook Be Used To Revive Local News?

Okay, I know. Facebook is every scholar’s least favorite social media platform. "It’s a breeding ground for ignorance! Its algorithms change the news people receive! And worst of all, it steals your information at the same time!" I get it, I get it. These are all valid criticisms. But the reality is, new Facebook accounts... Continue Reading →

Corporate Agenda of News

Capitalism has ruined the news industry. Shocking, I know! Who would have guessed that the publics’ main source of information regarding events on a local to international level should not be controlled by corporations? There are multiple things wrong with the industry as it is. The first is this idea of “competitive news”. Competition has... Continue Reading →

Ethical Lines and Privacy

Listening to Radiolab’s episode about Oliver Sipple, Daniel Luzer said something that particularly stuck out to me.  “[t]he thing that, like, makes journalism law so complicated, and the things that make an invasion of privacy discussion so difficult is that like...what makes something not an invasion of privacy is not that it's okay, it's that... Continue Reading →

So, who won?

The primaries are right around the corner and with 12 candidates being able to debate, what will happen? Can we actually choose a winner?  The consensus seems to be Warren with Klobashure and Buttigeg putting up a fair fight.  The Daily and Maggie Astor’s article made it clear that people are attacking Warren for a... Continue Reading →

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