Hot Water !

Facebook is once again in the news. According to the Times, Facebook did not disclose to congress that the Russian interference was happening much longer than they had admitted. This was a shock to their democrat "friends."  In the past YouTube and Facebook were under fire because of the Russian interference during the presidential interference.... Continue Reading →


The first amendment which is freedom of the press, freedom of speech, free to assemble, freedom of religion has afforded us a liberty without government control. Throughout history opinions have changed towards the constitution depending who is on the bench. After listening to the interview between Neal Katyal, former Acting Solicitor and the Aspen Institute;... Continue Reading →


In my last blog post I wrote about  Jamal Khashoggi and his death. This week his death understandably is taking up the news headlines. The Saudis have confirmed  Khashoggi’s death but now he is to blame. Apparently Khashoggi fought in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul which led to him being killed. The questions we need... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Touch This &*$%!

When it comes to porn and vulgarities, the large majority of our society is used to seeing tumultuous conduct widespread throughout the internet, TV and in publications. Even when you aren’t expecting it, it appears. Culture has made us immune to a flash of boobs, a love scene or a well-screamed “fuck” within parameters. While... Continue Reading →

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